Related initiatives

Land tax

Liberal Democrat Action for Land Taxation & Economic Reform (ALTER). This campaigning group promotes better awareness of Land Value Taxation and its benefits within the liberal democrats.

Labour Land Campaign draws its membership from the Labour Party, Trades Unions and the Co-operative Party (which fields joint candidates with the Labour Party in some seats). An exploration of Land Value Taxation was included in Labour’s manifesto in 2019.

Green Party has been a consistent supporter of Land Value Taxation (as a source of local tax revenue), environmental taxes and charges, and a Citizen’s Income.  Caroline Lucas (Green Party MP) introduced a Private Members Bill on  Land Value Tax in 2012-13.

Henry George Foundation is the main UK organisation providing research, education and advocacy for Land Value Taxation.  Its purpose is to spread understanding of the writings of Henry George.  It organises classes and conferences, publishes the magazine Land and Liberty, and the Links page on its website connects with other organisations sympathetic to Georgist thinking.  It has a ‘library group’ that meets at the School of Economic Science in London on Friday afternoons.

Universal Income

There are many organisations who now support the idea of an unconditional payment to all citizens. For more about the campaign for a Universal Basic Income in the UK see Citizen’s Basic Income Trust.

Business rate reform

In 2018, the Liberal Democrats published Taxing Land, Not Investment, a blue print for replacing the business rate system with a land value tax. Many land value tax experts, including Julian contributed to this research which was led by Andrew Dixon.

The New Economics Foundation have developed undertaken research into how land value taxation could replace business rates, publishing Funding Local Government with a Land Tax in 2019.

Proportional Property Tax

The Fairer Share Campaign aims to replace Council Tax and Stamp Duty with a Proportional Property Tax (PPT). Council tax is outdated, unfair and regressive The tax is not levied on the existing value of properties, but on 1991 valuations. Those in lower value properties pay a higher share of its value in council tax than those in larger properties.

Approaches to caring for land

The Husbandry School. Set in the heart of the beautiful Devon countryside, The Husbandry School is the joint venture of Carole and Jonty Williams. It is a centre of learning, agriculture and horticulture.. The idea of Husbandry which Jonty has written about in Husbandry: an ancient art for the modern world is aligned to with those in Stewardship Economy.